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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How we are the cause of global warming and climate change (pt 1). A four minutes read.

In the last post we talked a little about global warming and climate change, then towards the end i told you, that we are part of a problem, a contributor to the larger scale problem. Our burning of waste/bushes, deforestation and burning of fossil fuels( oil, natural gas and coal ) are chief culprits; not to forget our careless disposals of waste in an open dump-site. Okay let me explain briefly with picture illustration.

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The market trader

Disposes waste openly on the road side and at times burn it, which in turn emits carbon and turns waste into ash and heat, which are added to already existing green house gases ghg; and in turn thickens the planet atmosphere. One more addition is the fact that some of this waste are wash off when it rains into streams and ground water, which are later consumed by the municipal people and in turn harmful to public health.

The daily auto mobile emission from different exhaust 

The trucks, buses, trailers and cars emit carbon dioxide and water vapour when engine are working properly and the carbon is been oxidized, but discharges carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and soot ( the black stuff that comes out like a smoke ) during incomplete combustion, which is as a result of carbon not been oxidized or engines not well serviced. Aside the degrading and warming potential of these gases, the carbon-monoxide gas is toxic to human health when exposed. Imagine the health implication of people that are constantly been exposed to the every day traffic like that of major cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Los Angeles, and New York.

We the people

We continue to be responsible for the global environmental problems, like the floods, hot temperature, acid rain and death in so many agricultural produce and ocean life. We live our every day life ignorant of the problems that the generations before our generation has cause to the environment, and the problems that we too have help in creating. We only fear disease, war and terrorism. Which to an extent is reasonable and because we  frequently see the casualties through the media, we watch the chaos in Syria and Sudan and also see the Boko haram, Isis, Taliban, Al-shabaab constitute serious threats and damages to the society, and also we see campaigns like #Bringbackourgirls #Prayforparis and say to ourselves that this are major threats; well! they are as well but still, lets put this on the table.

 The threats that global warming and climate change present is one that is constantly increasing the temperature of the earth, and you know with intense heat comes fire. Imagine the catastrophe, not even five to ten nuclear bombs would be compared to the direct sun radiation that would occur when the planet ozone layer would be completely or severely degraded. There are so many ways we can contribute to environmental degradation with out been aware, we often degrade our health and the environment by our misappropriate waste management methods, burning of charcoal, bushes, refuse and properties, not to forget often our disposal of liquid waste into gutters that leads to canals. At times this canal run into streams, that later becomes accessible to an individual at the other end. Cases like typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery and so on --- are diseases and illness caused by polluted water. We are, our environmental problems. As custodians of the environment around us, we affect it in so many ways possible, a little awareness goes a long way to alert everyone of the problems on ground as many are ignorant of this. More light would be thrown on the next environmental post. If you find this post enlightening, feel free to share using the social media icons below. Until your next read, enjoy.