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How exposed are you on the knowledge of your Environment.

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Environment and People?

People and Environment co-exist together; both are co-dependent and directly affect eachother. We owe it to the next generation unborn, to leave behind a good ecological footprint; that they look to the sky with smiles on their face, knowing that we achieved this much in midst of so much environmental chaos.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The role of eye contact in communication. A nine minutes read.

The human eye is a strong tool, a stare in one's eye possess in it an unlimited window to endless possibility, it all depends on how much you explore. The eyes says a lot, tells you when someone is happy, sad or in shock. It tells you when you have been notice, admired or sexually desired. Maintaining eye contact with someone serves as an indicator to know when someone is untrue, fake or deceptive; just as you look into the eyes of a child, sibling, or spouse to fish out the authenticity of a particular information. 

The eye contact is how people reveal their attraction towards each other. Why does eye contact work so well for attracting a mate? From three different chicks (i chatted on bbm with in the pastperspective, the eye contact is the first revelation into your one's character, and more importantly your confidence.

As we know, confidence is a strong attribute that ladies find sexy and attractive in men (so they say). As true as it seem, not everyone can maintain an eye contact, as often it might seem weird and awkward. Is it to say that such a person is untrue or fake? that i can not tell you, should we say that confidence, trust and connection is dependent on one's ability to maintain an eye contact, connect and communicate? yes, to a great extent. 

Relationships are created from trust, apart from really knowing the person, trust is communicated through the eyes. So it is critical to learn to maintain an eye contact, as it is socially required.  If you are a person that observes micro-expressions, would you trust someone that cannot maintain an eye contact? you will find yourself losing interest in the conversation and the person as well, at times you might question credibility and knowledge.

Funny enough life can be tricky, as i have come across a few persons that are often so ignorant of the confident rubbish they say to people, as they maintain eye contact, but when you look deeper you can see the insincerity and lack of knowledge. At times it is almost as if they possess a kind of supernatural power or something. Eye contact is crucial in maintaining trust and connection, it is often difficult for shy people or when you are not yet familiar with a particular person, is normal, it happens to the best of us often at times. The good news is, you could learn with a little bit of effort and time, the need and how to maintain an eye contact.

Many feel that it is irrelevant and of no importance, but it is. I had an interview, the lady( interviewer ) was not just intimidating but attractive, she had this cat-like eyes that could steal any man's concentration. I knew maintaining eye contact is something i must see through, as her eyes never left mine even for a blink; so i maintain contact as long as i could from time to time and answer the questions she ask, it was the longest 15 minutes of my life. Her eyes were so beautiful and fierce; you could tell she mean't business. I wasn't comfortable but eye contact and confidence are important in any interview and i wasn't a pro in any, but try to conquer.

Some how i was thrown off balance when i couldn't answer a certain question. Now, am looking into her eyes, not knowing what to say. How can a person be intimidating but yet, so beautiful; i ask myself---still not knowing what to say. Then i found myself looking at the ceiling and side ways, she relaxes her back to the chair as she drops her pen on the desk. As someone that reads into certain micro expressions, i could tell that we have disconnected, i could tell she is beginning to lose confidence in our conversation. 

As i say, the eye is a window and maintaining a gaze is something that should be taken seriously and can be learn't; only when you put your heart to it. If you are into public service, strengthening a relationship, or building trust; you should learn how to maintain eye contact

Changing from eye contact to eye connection takes practice and concentration, you should know is part of human development for without it, you increase the risk of not creating and maintaining a relationship with your listener. If they don't trust you as a  leader, friend, or partner, they'll never be influenced  to take actions based on your message.

Similarly to body language,  the eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication. By the means of eye contact, people express their emotions, including attraction. Eye contact is such a powerful tool, that most people will try to avoid it in certain situations. 

Today technology has worsen the situation of human connection as small talk are the new deep conversations, you take a lady out and some how during your date, the both of you are still keeping tab on your phones. Most times you comment and interact with people on social media and pass them on the streets without knowing how to strike a conversation, you are in an event/party and should be having fun, but instead you use that time to take selfies, so you can upload to the web for people to see you are having ball.

In actual sense, you're not enjoying the moment but instead, putting an effort to show the world the fun you probably are not enjoying at that particular time. Human interaction and eye contact are crucial. Todays, technology pulls you away from that. So, " when you're with people, put your phones away. Look at them, be with them, maintain eye contact for these moments are getting scarcer and in time to come; would greatly be missed." Learn to live in the moment, connect with people, be with people. The eyes holds the key to unlimited possibilities; you just have to connect with it. If you find this read interesting, feel free to share using the social media icon below. Until your next read, enjoy.