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A contemporary write-up on the African environment, everyday people, and logic applied in diaries.

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Beautiful people living their every day lifes.

Everyone is an epitome of something great; a distinct quality. Why dont you click! A drop of greatness exist in every man.

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How exposed are you on the knowledge of your Environment.

Promoting an era of sustainable development for the next generation of african children and the world at large. Remember we are nothing but custodian of people around us and the environment within; we are our environment and the environment is us.

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Often you wonder what is in the mind of people. Now, enter mine.

My thoughts are distinct and personal. Most times overwhelming: i am sharing a part of me and most definitely how i see things. Click and observe.

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Environment and People?

People and Environment co-exist together; both are co-dependent and directly affect eachother. We owe it to the next generation unborn, to leave behind a good ecological footprint; that they look to the sky with smiles on their face, knowing that we achieved this much in midst of so much environmental chaos.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Independence message. A five Minutes read.

My country Nigeria! My country Nigeria! with so much potential but yet so little reach.

My country Nigeria! whose history challenges her so much that her future fails to recognise the need to grasp the essence of sustainable nation building, development and socioeconomic equality.

My country Nigeria! whose leaders are far from leading but rather deep in growing the weight of their own pockets..

My country Nigeria! whose citizens continues to sell their votes and watch as the future of the Nation and children yet unborn continue to play as rags in the hands of the so called elected.

My country Nigeria! has a million unemployed graduates with thin hope of been employed, that often get frustrated, fall for scam, waste resources, and  eventually loose sight of what matters. To say the level of unemployment is unprecedented, would be a lie told by me as it has always been this way.

My country Nigeria! has lost so many innocent people to poverty, epidemic, corruption, terrorism, and enslavement by those higher up in the food chain. My country Nigeria has sustain wounds so deep that a story to tell is incomprehensible.

My country Nigeria! has the richest Natural resources, richest pastors in the world, richest black man and woman in the world, richest politicians and yet has millions people living below a dollar per day.

My country Nigeria! has a gap between the rich and the poor that remains so obscene, even in the eyes of the devil. Corruption in my country has swallowed so deep that it needs the whole country to fight it, but lets be truthful how many sees the essence, how many people still have the fire in them, how many people still see the onions, how many sees hope.

Today Oct 1, is her independence and so therefore, the need to wish her  " Happy Independence " but the thing is that happy independence is something most of us just say for the sake of saying, their isn't any actual meaning to it and so, it remains irrelevant and less important in the heart of many.

My country is not just bad, but has so much good in it. The strength of my people, the survivor, the triumph, the we shall live spirit, and also the will and need to progress. For we as a Nation to grow we should stop asking what the country can do for us, but rather what we can do for our country! These words, these exact words, often sound like broken speech made by incapable politicians, authors and some over-priced motivational speakers.

This is not a poem, i hardly know the concept of what a poem entails, this is an expression. One that show case the strength Nigerians possess as citizens and as people. My country Nigeria, she is 56 years old today. My country Nigeria! we must, we must, overcome.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth day. A four minutes read.

The world earth day. You are probably asking yourself how this concerns you, as an African or a Nigerian, truth be told it sounds like a white man thing. A white man thing? No, for it is a global thing. It affects us all and race has nothing to do with it. 

Was the movement founded by a white man? Yes, to be precise, it was founded by a united state senator that goes by the name Gaylord Nelson in April 22, 1970. Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22 every year, the events are worldwide and held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

On Earth Day 2016, the landmark Paris agreement was scheduled to be signed by the United States, China, and about 120 other countries. This signing satisfies a key requirement for the entry into force of the historic draft of the climate protection treaty adopted by consensus of the 195 nations present at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris; Nigeria included. 

The purpose of the earth day celebration was to create engagement and awareness on environmental protection and conservation. The environment is degrading every second globally, most especially in Africa as it has no incentives and active functioning bodies to combat environmental offenders.

The goal and intent of the Earth day celebration is to reach out to a wide audience on matters like pollution, climate change and global warming, to educate you and i on the need of sustainable development in our environment.

Over the years the earth day has evolve to a global phenomenon observed by so many. Forty-six years ago, rivers were degraded because of industrial pollution. Today our entire planet is on fire because of carbon pollution.  2014-2015 was the hottest years on record. Temperatures over land and ocean surfaces has increase drastically all over the world as a result of global warming. Strange weather has made headlines around the world. Ice-caps have melted, sea level increase, acid rain, extreme drought in many areas in Africa, and not to forget flooding — in a warming world, they say there is need to expect the unexpected.

In 1970, the industrial revolution was at its highest. Garbage were dumped into rivers and streams, sewage flowed straight into the oceans, and toxic chemicals from factories and leaded gasoline exhaust from cars, trucks, chimneys were polluting the air, environmental chaos was the order of the day.

Sea level rise, ocean acidification, species extinctions, extremely hot weather events, decreased agricultural yields, harm to human health and lower working productivity, and all this are real and consequences of climate change. It is time that we systematically reclaim a cleaner green motivated environment in Africa and the world at large, it’s time we promote positive and green innovative environmental ideas. We owe it to generation unborn. If you find this post educating, remember you can always share using the social media icon below. Until your next read, enjoy.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Climate change and the alternative energy in Nigeria. A six minutes read.

Hello! hope you are having a good day. I have been off my blog for a while now, and this was because i tampered with my x html codes without backing it up; i messed up the whole thing. Careless right? Yeah i know, but not to worry as i have fix it. I will make this article as precise as possible.

Climate change, climate change. Every one should have a working idea of the subject, and if you don't i suggest you click on <<-------->>. Trust me, i doubt the world has seen something like this before, a ticking timed bomb as i keep calling it. Studies shows that climate change is expected to increase the number of premature death not just in Africa but the world at large, as a result of increasing heat in the coming decades. There is not one single source that we can target with climate change , there are so many paths that the world should to look into.

Did you notice the extra increase in sun intensity and heat waves? yes you did, we had meme trending on all social media platforms here in Nigeria, you know, the one about someone leaving the doors of hell open without shutting it, yes; that one. The sun intensity keeps increasing and continues doing so, people are uncomfortable and so many have fallen sick and even died; these are few climate change risk factors.

Climate change also threatens mental health, another study shows. it mess with your mind. Post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety can result from places affected by flood; another threat of climate change. Africans will suffer more from mosquitoes and insect diseases as a result of the increasing heat, as this insects are able to breed more and successfully under hot weather, and not to forget; the zika virus, hmmm.

The world has been taking steps to cut down carbon emission, you can tell as it held a conference on it in 2015 COP21/CMP11 in paris with so many country leaders present, but so much needs to be done even by individuals as we are not even close. Alternate energy like the solar power should be use and we should comb out our dependency on fossil fuels to power our homes, the government needs to do something about it, they need to make ease for more importation and patronage of the solar panels at cheaper rates.

Although using the solar cells is quite cheaper to the fuel powered generator, this remain a fact most Nigerians fail to see because they choose to understand prices as presented to them initially, without comparing the cost that the fuel powered generator will incur over a long period of time. Yes, the continuous fuelling, oiling, repairs, noise, hazard, health and servicing will cause you more over time.

it's surprising how we complain of the sun been so hot and intense in Nigeria, without harnessing so much from it to power our homes, which is completing free by the way, and we could go about our day to day activities. Most parts of Nigeria enjoy 300 days of free, clean, renewable sunlight a year and over 100 million people both urban and rural area still don't have access to reliable electricity.

The average Nigerian is most dependent on the fuel powered AC generator, which also contribute its own quarter to environmental degradation. If Nigerians can buy into the idea of the sustainable use of solar and ditching the regular generators, and also understand how with the solar they are not just saving money but been environmental-friendly, lets face it, a generator continues to take in fuel and requires repair and servicing from time to time; so trust me, you are better indulging in the solar culture. If the government can endorse and investors play in, and return of investments are attained, the common man would not even be bothered about the scarcity of fuel in the country. Alternate energy is the way forward, solar is the future for Nigerians; for the sun here, and it is in abundance. If you find this write-up interesting, feel free to share using the social media icons below. Until your next read, live and enjoy.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The role of eye contact in communication. A nine minutes read.

The human eye is a strong tool, a stare in one's eye possess in it an unlimited window to endless possibility, it all depends on how much you explore. The eyes says a lot, tells you when someone is happy, sad or in shock. It tells you when you have been notice, admired or sexually desired. Maintaining eye contact with someone serves as an indicator to know when someone is untrue, fake or deceptive; just as you look into the eyes of a child, sibling, or spouse to fish out the authenticity of a particular information. 

The eye contact is how people reveal their attraction towards each other. Why does eye contact work so well for attracting a mate? From three different chicks (i chatted on bbm with in the pastperspective, the eye contact is the first revelation into your one's character, and more importantly your confidence.

As we know, confidence is a strong attribute that ladies find sexy and attractive in men (so they say). As true as it seem, not everyone can maintain an eye contact, as often it might seem weird and awkward. Is it to say that such a person is untrue or fake? that i can not tell you, should we say that confidence, trust and connection is dependent on one's ability to maintain an eye contact, connect and communicate? yes, to a great extent. 

Relationships are created from trust, apart from really knowing the person, trust is communicated through the eyes. So it is critical to learn to maintain an eye contact, as it is socially required.  If you are a person that observes micro-expressions, would you trust someone that cannot maintain an eye contact? you will find yourself losing interest in the conversation and the person as well, at times you might question credibility and knowledge.

Funny enough life can be tricky, as i have come across a few persons that are often so ignorant of the confident rubbish they say to people, as they maintain eye contact, but when you look deeper you can see the insincerity and lack of knowledge. At times it is almost as if they possess a kind of supernatural power or something. Eye contact is crucial in maintaining trust and connection, it is often difficult for shy people or when you are not yet familiar with a particular person, is normal, it happens to the best of us often at times. The good news is, you could learn with a little bit of effort and time, the need and how to maintain an eye contact.

Many feel that it is irrelevant and of no importance, but it is. I had an interview, the lady( interviewer ) was not just intimidating but attractive, she had this cat-like eyes that could steal any man's concentration. I knew maintaining eye contact is something i must see through, as her eyes never left mine even for a blink; so i maintain contact as long as i could from time to time and answer the questions she ask, it was the longest 15 minutes of my life. Her eyes were so beautiful and fierce; you could tell she mean't business. I wasn't comfortable but eye contact and confidence are important in any interview and i wasn't a pro in any, but try to conquer.

Some how i was thrown off balance when i couldn't answer a certain question. Now, am looking into her eyes, not knowing what to say. How can a person be intimidating but yet, so beautiful; i ask myself---still not knowing what to say. Then i found myself looking at the ceiling and side ways, she relaxes her back to the chair as she drops her pen on the desk. As someone that reads into certain micro expressions, i could tell that we have disconnected, i could tell she is beginning to lose confidence in our conversation. 

As i say, the eye is a window and maintaining a gaze is something that should be taken seriously and can be learn't; only when you put your heart to it. If you are into public service, strengthening a relationship, or building trust; you should learn how to maintain eye contact

Changing from eye contact to eye connection takes practice and concentration, you should know is part of human development for without it, you increase the risk of not creating and maintaining a relationship with your listener. If they don't trust you as a  leader, friend, or partner, they'll never be influenced  to take actions based on your message.

Similarly to body language,  the eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication. By the means of eye contact, people express their emotions, including attraction. Eye contact is such a powerful tool, that most people will try to avoid it in certain situations. 

Today technology has worsen the situation of human connection as small talk are the new deep conversations, you take a lady out and some how during your date, the both of you are still keeping tab on your phones. Most times you comment and interact with people on social media and pass them on the streets without knowing how to strike a conversation, you are in an event/party and should be having fun, but instead you use that time to take selfies, so you can upload to the web for people to see you are having ball.

In actual sense, you're not enjoying the moment but instead, putting an effort to show the world the fun you probably are not enjoying at that particular time. Human interaction and eye contact are crucial. Todays, technology pulls you away from that. So, " when you're with people, put your phones away. Look at them, be with them, maintain eye contact for these moments are getting scarcer and in time to come; would greatly be missed." Learn to live in the moment, connect with people, be with people. The eyes holds the key to unlimited possibilities; you just have to connect with it. If you find this read interesting, feel free to share using the social media icon below. Until your next read, enjoy.

Friday, 19 February 2016

How we are the cause of global warming and climate change (pt 2). A seven minutes read.

Greenhouse gases ghg trap the sun's radiation within the Earth's causing continuous warming. Humans contribute to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases like the methane, carbon-dioxide,water vapour, nitrous oxide e.t.c through deforestation,  vehicle emissions,  energy production and waste disposal. 

Several things used everyday in your home produce gases like those that contribute to global warming. Certain lights has been thrown to this subjects in the last post, we will try to elaborate on what has been said and more.

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The Air condition system

Cooling your home uses energy in the form of electricity or natural gas. Your air condition contains refrigerants like the chlorofluorocarbons CFCs, that if allowed to escape into the atmosphere; which eventually happens, contributes heavily to global warming by depleting/damaging the ozone layer, depending on the age of the unit. 

Let me explain this! when CFCs goes into the stratosphere( a layer in the atmosphere ), it is broken up by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and when this occurs, chlorine is been release that catalytically destroys the ozone layer; it does this by creating hole in the stratosphere that allows excess ultraviolet rays to find its way to the earth surface. Hence, increases chances of skin cancer, irritation and skin burns-----mostly with individuals low on melanin.


Electricity use in houses in Nigeria/Africa contribute its own quarter to global environmental crises, as many are dependent on ac generators, as a result of lack of supplied electricity. Nigeria reliance on industrial and household ac generators, if recorded, causes so much environmental imbalances like the: noise pollution, sooth, carbon emissions and health disadvantages. The more we use more energy consuming bulbs and appliances, the more load we hand to the generator, which in turn, works more and emit more. Now! replacing this energy consuming bulbs with the energy saving ones can significantly reduce home electricity use and save you money while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment. Also, if more can be done for the importation and promotion of solar power ( renewable energy ) against the use of ac generators mostly in Nigeria, as this can also go a long way in reduction of environmental degradation. This change would be in the hands of policy makers and government, as the average man would prefer to keep blind to the use of solar, because he/she believes the ac generators are more cheaper compared to the solar panels in Africa/Nigeria. 


When household waste ends up in a open landfill/dumpsite like the ones we have in big cities like Lagos      ( epe, ewu elepe, olusosun, solluos 1,2 and 3 waste dumpsites ). It decomposes and produces greenhouse gases including methane from manures of both man and animals. Reduce, reuse and recycling of waste are ways the people can help the environmental issues of today. 

There is also the need for the government to put infrastructures, awareness and set departments that would be responsible for this type of sustainable waste management, and also the need to educate everyone on domestic waste topics like difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste; to assist in reaching this environmental objectives. 

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Note: if you have notice in my post, i use global warming with climate change in a way that it seem like am referring to both topic/problems as one. although both represent separate problem that fuels each other. 

Global warming is the environmental problem that occurs and still occurring as a result of the atmosphere been occupied with large amount of gases ghg that absorbs excess heat, and later extend it to earth surface continuously, when there exist no way for such heat to escape the earth surface  

 ( our environment ). ------ causing warming.

Climate change is the aftermath of global warming, as the earth keeps warming and getting hotter, the climate keeps changing.  The hot climate keeps causing evaporation increase( increase rainfall ), melting of glaciers and the ice-caps, which were so much thicker many years ago. It is feared that by the year 2o4o these ice might completely melt--------i guess you are asking how the melting ice-caps and glacier concerns you, relax let me explain.

Sea level around the world has been increasing as a result of global warming, this has been a major contributor to flooding as water from the sea come closer to shore and settlement( people's houses ) around and beyond. During intense rainy season with addition to the increasing sea level, flood becomes inevitable. 

The melting of ice caps and glacier in the north pole keeps dissolving and adding to the already existing sea level by increasing it's height, that is not the only cause of rise in sea level. The warming climate increases evaporation rate by channelling water vapour from the planetary surface( Land/Earth ) to the planetary atmosphere ( the skies ); hence, it continues to increase the sea level--------causing flooding, which displaces people from their houses, and cause ill health and environmental problems.

cfcs  ---- are chlorofluorocarbons is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine and fluorine.  It is widely used as a refrigerants for refrigerators, because of the damages it causes to the ozone layer, and has been replaced with hydro-fluorocarbons hcfs, although so many are still using the old refrigerators and other product that uses cfcs.

glaciers  ---- a dense body of ice that is constantly moving under its own weight as it forms accumulated snow.  Below are pictures to show .

A melting glacier
Photo credit:
Ice cap
Photo credit: Climate change guide
<<------- Last post

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How we are the cause of global warming and climate change (pt 1). A four minutes read.

In the last post we talked a little about global warming and climate change, then towards the end i told you, that we are part of a problem, a contributor to the larger scale problem. Our burning of waste/bushes, deforestation and burning of fossil fuels( oil, natural gas and coal ) are chief culprits; not to forget our careless disposals of waste in an open dump-site. Okay let me explain briefly with picture illustration.

photo credit:


The market trader

Disposes waste openly on the road side and at times burn it, which in turn emits carbon and turns waste into ash and heat, which are added to already existing green house gases ghg; and in turn thickens the planet atmosphere. One more addition is the fact that some of this waste are wash off when it rains into streams and ground water, which are later consumed by the municipal people and in turn harmful to public health.

The daily auto mobile emission from different exhaust 

The trucks, buses, trailers and cars emit carbon dioxide and water vapour when engine are working properly and the carbon is been oxidized, but discharges carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and soot ( the black stuff that comes out like a smoke ) during incomplete combustion, which is as a result of carbon not been oxidized or engines not well serviced. Aside the degrading and warming potential of these gases, the carbon-monoxide gas is toxic to human health when exposed. Imagine the health implication of people that are constantly been exposed to the every day traffic like that of major cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Los Angeles, and New York.

We the people

We continue to be responsible for the global environmental problems, like the floods, hot temperature, acid rain and death in so many agricultural produce and ocean life. We live our every day life ignorant of the problems that the generations before our generation has cause to the environment, and the problems that we too have help in creating. We only fear disease, war and terrorism. Which to an extent is reasonable and because we  frequently see the casualties through the media, we watch the chaos in Syria and Sudan and also see the Boko haram, Isis, Taliban, Al-shabaab constitute serious threats and damages to the society, and also we see campaigns like #Bringbackourgirls #Prayforparis and say to ourselves that this are major threats; well! they are as well but still, lets put this on the table.

 The threats that global warming and climate change present is one that is constantly increasing the temperature of the earth, and you know with intense heat comes fire. Imagine the catastrophe, not even five to ten nuclear bombs would be compared to the direct sun radiation that would occur when the planet ozone layer would be completely or severely degraded. There are so many ways we can contribute to environmental degradation with out been aware, we often degrade our health and the environment by our misappropriate waste management methods, burning of charcoal, bushes, refuse and properties, not to forget often our disposal of liquid waste into gutters that leads to canals. At times this canal run into streams, that later becomes accessible to an individual at the other end. Cases like typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery and so on --- are diseases and illness caused by polluted water. We are, our environmental problems. As custodians of the environment around us, we affect it in so many ways possible, a little awareness goes a long way to alert everyone of the problems on ground as many are ignorant of this. More light would be thrown on the next environmental post. If you find this post enlightening, feel free to share using the social media icons below. Until your next read, enjoy.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Global warming and the climate change phenomena. A four read.

This is a typical gas flaring activity occurring in a community. It emits carbon, methane, nitrogen, sulphur and major gases contributing to global warming and climate change. This doesn't just degrade the environment, it causes upset to the ecosystem, and also it impact negatively to water, food, comfort, health and security. 

We won't be talking about this problems on this post but in future post. This post would be an introduction to global warming and climate change in its simplest form, and also the term radiation and heat would be use interchangeably, so please don't be confused for they mean the same thing in this context.

You must have heard or still hearing about continuous increase in the average temperature of the earth's climatic system and how much degradation is been done to the environment. To an average person, this is gibberish and as so many would say all this are elements of debate, and that the world environmentalist, ecologist, N.G.O, activist, and scientist are using it to keep job afloat and seem relevant, but this is not the case. I would tell a story to convey my message.

" The earth was a virgin, free from pollution, emissions, waste, and all man made poisons inflicted as a result of over exploited development. It was a place that came with its own default setting. The earth was free from anthropogenic degradation ( ruins by man ). 

The atmosphere contain gases known as the green house gases GHG. This gases absorbs heat in the day and emit it at night, when the temperature is low. This is the reason we survive at night when the temperature is extremely low and on this, man kind have survive all through many years and climate, had it stay this way, the world will not have been in this mess".---- Now lets talk about how it all went wrong.

Our predecessors and those before them, have always look for ways to make life much easier and venture into production, from developing the olden horse chariots for transportation and later replacing it with fuel motor auto-mobiles, to reduction of strenuous man labour to creating machine equipments for work. Man kind has been blessed with knowledge and expertise for improvement and development, so man continue in its quest for dominance, adventure, enterprise and power. 

During the industrial revolution( 18th - 19th century), the continuous exploitation broke a bridge between man and environment. How! you asked; well let me explain. During production and energy use, carbon is been emitted to the atmosphere, adding up to already existing carbon in the atmosphere. Methane, Nitrous Oxide, CFCs, Sulphur and Carbon-dioxide are emitted adding to already existing GHG in the atmosphere. Now! something happens------The atmosphere continues to carry more and more of this green house gases and in turn absorbs more heat to be emitted back down to earth surface to warm us at night, which in turn does not have any means of releasing heat out from its warmed-up surface. 

This continues, as more heat are later send back at night adding to already existing heat on the earth. The whole process of heat adding up to previous heat on earth, and continuous heating of the planet surface is called global warming, and the continuous variation in temperature increment resulting in different measurement in hotness and other climatic conditions is called climate change, and also when radiation from the atmosphere warms the planet surface to a temperature above what it would be, absence of its atmosphere, that is called the green house effect. You and i are also responsible for this. How? would let you know on my next post. Until your next read, enjoy.

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