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A contemporary write-up on the African environment, everyday people, and logic applied in diaries.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Welcome to uchepost. A four minutes read.

Hello! I am Uchechukwu Mazi and welcome to my blog; i hope you continue to visit. i rather call this a book or better, see it as a documentary as it's not going be like the every day blog you're probably use to. it is a contemporary write up on the everyday life that regular people like you and i live, hardly will it take you away from reality as the realest of life we shall explore. it is a blog that speaks about a major part of our existence, the part on which life is sustain and lived;the Environment. 

We all, in one way or the other are conversant with the definition of the " Environment ", as it comprises of living and non living things as they interact or share energy, mass, air and other properties, and as such its our duty to conserve, nurture and sustain the environment. 

We might not be able to see all of the bad things in our environment, but they really exist. " Although i know that certain groups are most vulnerable and toxic substances in the environment affect every one of us in one way or the other and is our individual responsibility to help in balance and not completely deplete our environment. 

This blog forges us to be a tool and enlighten us on how we can be custodians of the gift of mother nature, the environment. okay! i think i have spoken too much grammer.

 (( This blog go dey give us guide on how some kind things dey happen for we naija environment and how we dey overlook am without knowing say e dey affect us in so many ways, wey no dey healthy and sustainable )) lol

Well! i believe we have grasped the concept. now, lets continue. A tab in the menu of the blog would be dedicated to personal experiences, thoughts and reasoning; i believe that is what the English man calls a " Diary" and will have my personal write-ups as well as featured post. Perhaps in the nearest future more menu list would be added.

Above the navigation list you have different social media platforms, i say you feel free to join me on any or join all. Enough beans has been spilled not to say too much, i thank you for this 4 mins of your time, you are welcome to uche's post and i hope you visit from time to time.


  1. Keep it coming, keep it interesting,I'll read them any chance I get

    1. Much appreciation miss Kas, would continue to keep it interesting and enlightening. Thanks.