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A contemporary write-up on the African environment, everyday people, and logic applied in diaries.

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Beautiful people living their every day lifes.

Everyone is an epitome of something great; a distinct quality. Why dont you click! A drop of greatness exist in every man.

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How exposed are you on the knowledge of your Environment.

Promoting an era of sustainable development for the next generation of african children and the world at large. Remember we are nothing but custodian of people around us and the environment within; we are our environment and the environment is us.

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Often you wonder what is in the mind of people. Now, enter mine.

My thoughts are distinct and personal. Most times overwhelming: i am sharing a part of me and most definitely how i see things. Click and observe.

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Environment and People?

People and Environment co-exist together; both are co-dependent and directly affect eachother. We owe it to the next generation unborn, to leave behind a good ecological footprint; that they look to the sky with smiles on their face, knowing that we achieved this much in midst of so much environmental chaos.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Independence message. A five Minutes read.

My country Nigeria! My country Nigeria! with so much potential but yet so little reach.

My country Nigeria! whose history challenges her so much that her future fails to recognise the need to grasp the essence of sustainable nation building, development and socioeconomic equality.

My country Nigeria! whose leaders are far from leading but rather deep in growing the weight of their own pockets..

My country Nigeria! whose citizens continues to sell their votes and watch as the future of the Nation and children yet unborn continue to play as rags in the hands of the so called elected.

My country Nigeria! has a million unemployed graduates with thin hope of been employed, that often get frustrated, fall for scam, waste resources, and  eventually loose sight of what matters. To say the level of unemployment is unprecedented, would be a lie told by me as it has always been this way.

My country Nigeria! has lost so many innocent people to poverty, epidemic, corruption, terrorism, and enslavement by those higher up in the food chain. My country Nigeria has sustain wounds so deep that a story to tell is incomprehensible.

My country Nigeria! has the richest Natural resources, richest pastors in the world, richest black man and woman in the world, richest politicians and yet has millions people living below a dollar per day.

My country Nigeria! has a gap between the rich and the poor that remains so obscene, even in the eyes of the devil. Corruption in my country has swallowed so deep that it needs the whole country to fight it, but lets be truthful how many sees the essence, how many people still have the fire in them, how many people still see the onions, how many sees hope.

Today Oct 1, is her independence and so therefore, the need to wish her  " Happy Independence " but the thing is that happy independence is something most of us just say for the sake of saying, their isn't any actual meaning to it and so, it remains irrelevant and less important in the heart of many.

My country is not just bad, but has so much good in it. The strength of my people, the survivor, the triumph, the we shall live spirit, and also the will and need to progress. For we as a Nation to grow we should stop asking what the country can do for us, but rather what we can do for our country! These words, these exact words, often sound like broken speech made by incapable politicians, authors and some over-priced motivational speakers.

This is not a poem, i hardly know the concept of what a poem entails, this is an expression. One that show case the strength Nigerians possess as citizens and as people. My country Nigeria, she is 56 years old today. My country Nigeria! we must, we must, overcome.