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A contemporary write-up on the African environment, everyday people, and logic applied in diaries.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nigeria environmental problems and ways we affect it. A three minutes read.

In Nigeria and the rest of the world, a clean environment is necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life. But our environment is getting dirty day by day because of the negligence of we the occupants. it is an issue the present, future and generations 100 years and more coming, should know about.

The several environmental problems of the nation has given rise to certain simple but yet uneasy question that occupies the thoughts of locals as well as the rest of the world. Question like:

(a) Where are the trees in our urban area?.
(b) How good of air are we breathing?.
(c) Where is the sanity in gutters remaining stagnant and how much does it affect us, our health and mental well being.
(d) How clean is underground water knowing the disturbances from anthropogenic (relating or resulting from human beings) activities.

 Our large population affect and put stress on the environment, society and resources. Can you help but notice the numerous sight of stagnant gutters around, polluted streams, lakes and soil. The amount of oil traces and messy unhealthy dumps around resources that are either directly or indirectly consumed by man. 

There are numerous formula in many branches of life been: mathematics, physics or economics, but there is one life formula that has logically giving credit to good reasoning. The logic of give and take / plus and minus, you get what you are have been giving; you know as the saying goes " you rip what you sow ". 

We see the pollution as it occupies all part of the environment been water, air and land. There are gas smokes everywhere, water in abundance but so little to drink, crops unable to survive as a result of either climate been too hot or soil nutrient been degraded. 

Often we deceive ourselves with the excuse that the environment will repair itself. How much harm could be done? after-al, people are still surviving and will continue to survive. Do you know that so many deaths, disease and sickness are environmental stimulated, from the diarrhoea, typhoid, cancer, cataract to the malaria, are all as a result of one slip in the environment within us. 

The stagnant water, polluted air and direct contact with contaminated soil are environmentally triggered as a result of loop holes from our end. We are constantly destroying the environment and the earth  daily, which in turn is destroying us economically, socially, and health-wise. 

 These and many more is what should cloud our minds and make us have a rethink on environmental re-approach. Stick with me as we continue to unravel more on other post. 


  1. I can't agree with you more Mr.Uche. We are responsible for what we are going through and responsible for getting out of it.

    1. I thank you for your observation. Its time we understand that it takes a step to make a difference in the world. We should remember that we are custodian of our environment today and owe it to our children yet unborn to leave behind a good ecological foot print, and also we as individual should stop fixing blames on government and policy making when the problem is also in our backyard.

  2. My opinion:

    Over-population, migration and clustering of houses are the main reasons why the Nigerian environment will perpetually remain populated.

    nice info, man