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Saturday, 6 February 2016

The international day for zero tolerance of female genitalia mutilation F.G.M. A five minutes read.

The 6th of February every year has been set aside as a day for zero tolerance of female genital mutilation or circumcision FGM ( World Wide ). The female genital mutilation is an unjust and unlawful act inflicted on girls and women globally, often as a result of traditional, cultural and a few religious beliefs.

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There is need for abolition of this unhealthy practice. An approach that involves legislation, health care professional organizations, empowerment of the women in the society, and education of the general public at all levels with emphasis on dangers and disgust of the FGM.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Nigeria due to its large population has the highest absolute number of female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide, accounting for about one-quarter of the estimated 115–130 million circumcised women in the world.

Though FGM is practice in a lot of countries in Africa and a few scattered communities worldwide, its burden is seen in Nigeria, Egypt, Mali, Eritrea, Sudan, Central African Republic, and northern part of Ghana where it has been an old traditional and cultural practice of various ethnic groups. The highest prevalence rates are found in Somalia and Djibouti where FGM is virtually universally.

FGM is a practice whose origin and significance seem to be in secrecy, uncertainty, and confusion.The origin of FGM is birth with controversy either as an initiation ceremony of young girls into womanhood or to ensure virginity and curb promiscuity, or to protect female modesty and innocence.The ritual has been so widespread that it could not have risen from a single origin.

This ritual of FGM as i read is classified into four types or method, and have so many health and life threatening implications in time to come, as a female you have a whole life time to face this problems. I strongly suggest you look that up on wiki ,  bing or google

In Nigeria basically all the ethnic groups practice it except for the Fulanis, as they do not practice any form at all. FGM varies from country to country, tribes, religion, and from one state and cultural setting to another, and no continent in the world has been exempted. In most parts of Nigeria, it is carried out at a very young age (minors) and there is no possibility of the individual's consent. Its like giving a child tattoo when he/she is not of age to make that decision.
FGM is recognized worldwide as a fundamental violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women. 
It involves violation of rights of the children and violation of a person's right to health, security, and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death. Furthermore, girls usually undergo the practice without their informed consent, depriving them of the opportunity to make independent decision about their bodies.
 It is very clear that there is no single benefit derived from FGM.
  • Join the movement to say “NO” to save the future generations of women.
  • Enquire about the practice in your locality and give clear information and education to other people on the health effects of FGM.
  • And if it is in your power discuss with your law makers or local representatives on making laws against FGM.
Support families and communities in their efforts to abandon the practice and to improve care for those who have undergone FGM. Every one has the right to decisions concerning their life and well being and is never in the hands of parents, community, custom to make that decision; it is one thing to preserve custom and tradition as it has always been a guidance back to roots and norm, but it is another thing to endanger an individuals life to promote and preserve such fetishes.


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