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A contemporary write-up on the African environment, everyday people, and logic applied in diaries.

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Beautiful people living their every day lifes.

Everyone is an epitome of something great; a distinct quality. Why dont you click! A drop of greatness exist in every man.

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How exposed are you on the knowledge of your Environment.

Promoting an era of sustainable development for the next generation of african children and the world at large. Remember we are nothing but custodian of people around us and the environment within; we are our environment and the environment is us.

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Environment and People?

People and Environment co-exist together; both are co-dependent and directly affect eachother. We owe it to the next generation unborn, to leave behind a good ecological footprint; that they look to the sky with smiles on their face, knowing that we achieved this much in midst of so much environmental chaos.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Global warming and the climate change phenomena. A four read.

This is a typical gas flaring activity occurring in a community. It emits carbon, methane, nitrogen, sulphur and major gases contributing to global warming and climate change. This doesn't just degrade the environment, it causes upset to the ecosystem, and also it impact negatively to water, food, comfort, health and security. 

We won't be talking about this problems on this post but in future post. This post would be an introduction to global warming and climate change in its simplest form, and also the term radiation and heat would be use interchangeably, so please don't be confused for they mean the same thing in this context.

You must have heard or still hearing about continuous increase in the average temperature of the earth's climatic system and how much degradation is been done to the environment. To an average person, this is gibberish and as so many would say all this are elements of debate, and that the world environmentalist, ecologist, N.G.O, activist, and scientist are using it to keep job afloat and seem relevant, but this is not the case. I would tell a story to convey my message.

" The earth was a virgin, free from pollution, emissions, waste, and all man made poisons inflicted as a result of over exploited development. It was a place that came with its own default setting. The earth was free from anthropogenic degradation ( ruins by man ). 

The atmosphere contain gases known as the green house gases GHG. This gases absorbs heat in the day and emit it at night, when the temperature is low. This is the reason we survive at night when the temperature is extremely low and on this, man kind have survive all through many years and climate, had it stay this way, the world will not have been in this mess".---- Now lets talk about how it all went wrong.

Our predecessors and those before them, have always look for ways to make life much easier and venture into production, from developing the olden horse chariots for transportation and later replacing it with fuel motor auto-mobiles, to reduction of strenuous man labour to creating machine equipments for work. Man kind has been blessed with knowledge and expertise for improvement and development, so man continue in its quest for dominance, adventure, enterprise and power. 

During the industrial revolution( 18th - 19th century), the continuous exploitation broke a bridge between man and environment. How! you asked; well let me explain. During production and energy use, carbon is been emitted to the atmosphere, adding up to already existing carbon in the atmosphere. Methane, Nitrous Oxide, CFCs, Sulphur and Carbon-dioxide are emitted adding to already existing GHG in the atmosphere. Now! something happens------The atmosphere continues to carry more and more of this green house gases and in turn absorbs more heat to be emitted back down to earth surface to warm us at night, which in turn does not have any means of releasing heat out from its warmed-up surface. 

This continues, as more heat are later send back at night adding to already existing heat on the earth. The whole process of heat adding up to previous heat on earth, and continuous heating of the planet surface is called global warming, and the continuous variation in temperature increment resulting in different measurement in hotness and other climatic conditions is called climate change, and also when radiation from the atmosphere warms the planet surface to a temperature above what it would be, absence of its atmosphere, that is called the green house effect. You and i are also responsible for this. How? would let you know on my next post. Until your next read, enjoy.

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