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A contemporary write-up on the African environment, everyday people, and logic applied in diaries.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

As it was in the head of a six years old. A five minutes read.

Often you wonder if things ever get easy, if worries ever go away. Your fear, insecurity, pressure and the insensitivity of this world. As a little boy the adults and society let me understand that not been good enough will doom one's future in time to come.

How always been bad in certain aspect of your life is a sign that you probably won't amount to much in life; how not been good enough would bring ruin to you in future to come.

Back in the day i was never good at anything at all, never good in:  sports, looks, or even academics; as occasionally i and certain group of pupils were always dragging the 1st, 2nd, 3nd down to 11th position in class, and trust me, it was never from the front.

The pressure was on, even as an 6 years old, you look around  and see people you feel are having it easy, and wish you had that life. Time to time, you pray to be better but been better was not really coming your way.

As continuously you feel that you were on this alone and no one seem to pay attention or observe how hard you are trying and how much of patience you need them to have, to be able to reach out to you. This was the life of so many of us, and still is to many, only on a different phase and scale. The truth is that most of us have been stressing and worried about tomorrow, even as a child, you didn't really live through or enjoyed childhood innocence and freedom; as it suppose to be.

 Our fears, insecurity and uncertainties always get the best of us. As an adult you look at kids today playing, and say to yourself that they have no problems and no worries, how much you miss been them, and how much you would give to just see life their way one more time. No worries, just excitement. Well! this is because all you see in them is smile and play.

 The funny truth remains that you too had your fair share of fun as a child, but do you remember the fair share of fear and insecurities of not fitting in or been weird, the people within and around you not understanding you, even when in your mind you seem to be screaming your lungs out and saying please, get me. So many times in your mind you screaming, showing clue but no one seem to pay attention, no one seem to want to graze you the patient of connecting with you, no one seem to get you, because to them, you just a kid what more could be your problem other than food, sleep and play.

 Today we all have a kid or more, related or not. Do you think that perhaps it would be too much of a burden to you, to really inquire about their happiness, fear and insecurities. It is easy to be an adult that buys candy for a child, anyone even the gate man can do that, but been the adult that connects on a level that many ignore, is what a child 20 years from particular date would remember, and say that was an aunty/uncle that truly got me. Extending that time and attention to really and truly connect with a child, would be priceless to that child, in future to come. Until your next read, enjoy and feel free to use the share button below.


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