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Friday, 8 April 2016

Climate change and the alternative energy in Nigeria. A six minutes read.

Hello! hope you are having a good day. I have been off my blog for a while now, and this was because i tampered with my x html codes without backing it up; i messed up the whole thing. Careless right? Yeah i know, but not to worry as i have fix it. I will make this article as precise as possible.

Climate change, climate change. Every one should have a working idea of the subject, and if you don't i suggest you click on <<-------->>. Trust me, i doubt the world has seen something like this before, a ticking timed bomb as i keep calling it. Studies shows that climate change is expected to increase the number of premature death not just in Africa but the world at large, as a result of increasing heat in the coming decades. There is not one single source that we can target with climate change , there are so many paths that the world should to look into.

Did you notice the extra increase in sun intensity and heat waves? yes you did, we had meme trending on all social media platforms here in Nigeria, you know, the one about someone leaving the doors of hell open without shutting it, yes; that one. The sun intensity keeps increasing and continues doing so, people are uncomfortable and so many have fallen sick and even died; these are few climate change risk factors.

Climate change also threatens mental health, another study shows. it mess with your mind. Post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety can result from places affected by flood; another threat of climate change. Africans will suffer more from mosquitoes and insect diseases as a result of the increasing heat, as this insects are able to breed more and successfully under hot weather, and not to forget; the zika virus, hmmm.

The world has been taking steps to cut down carbon emission, you can tell as it held a conference on it in 2015 COP21/CMP11 in paris with so many country leaders present, but so much needs to be done even by individuals as we are not even close. Alternate energy like the solar power should be use and we should comb out our dependency on fossil fuels to power our homes, the government needs to do something about it, they need to make ease for more importation and patronage of the solar panels at cheaper rates.

Although using the solar cells is quite cheaper to the fuel powered generator, this remain a fact most Nigerians fail to see because they choose to understand prices as presented to them initially, without comparing the cost that the fuel powered generator will incur over a long period of time. Yes, the continuous fuelling, oiling, repairs, noise, hazard, health and servicing will cause you more over time.

it's surprising how we complain of the sun been so hot and intense in Nigeria, without harnessing so much from it to power our homes, which is completing free by the way, and we could go about our day to day activities. Most parts of Nigeria enjoy 300 days of free, clean, renewable sunlight a year and over 100 million people both urban and rural area still don't have access to reliable electricity.

The average Nigerian is most dependent on the fuel powered AC generator, which also contribute its own quarter to environmental degradation. If Nigerians can buy into the idea of the sustainable use of solar and ditching the regular generators, and also understand how with the solar they are not just saving money but been environmental-friendly, lets face it, a generator continues to take in fuel and requires repair and servicing from time to time; so trust me, you are better indulging in the solar culture. If the government can endorse and investors play in, and return of investments are attained, the common man would not even be bothered about the scarcity of fuel in the country. Alternate energy is the way forward, solar is the future for Nigerians; for the sun here, and it is in abundance. If you find this write-up interesting, feel free to share using the social media icons below. Until your next read, live and enjoy.

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